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Krista does not just check boxes.  She is a creative, lateral thinker.  She got us a HUGE mortgage where everyone else we talked to said it could not be done.  She thought outside the box and found unconventional strategies that would work for us.   We all love Krista!!  She allowed us to realize a big impossible dream.

Jen Rick Telf TIK and Jordan Maynard

I am indebted to the magic Krista managed to perform, transitioning me from “unable to get a mortgage” to a homeowner with an easily manageable mortgage at a great rate, with a huge line of credit, to boot.
I will always be grateful for the magic Krista did for me… twice.

C Carpenter

I was especially impressed by the additional information Krista provide us about the mortgage options that will give me piece of mind when renewing my mortgage!
I definitely feel Krista gave me expert advice and recommended me in the perfect choice for my needs. If ever I have the opportunity to speak with friends, family and colleagues about mortgage I will send them your way!


Krista has been fantastic for all of our mortgage needs, residential and commercial, and has streamlined the process and explanations of each unique deal we have had, and we couldn’t be happier with her work and customer service!

Rosie A

Krista manages to create a “no worries” relaxed tone even if one is handing her some serious mortgage challenges. She worked diligently and thoroughly on all the options she was going to try. She seemed patient with my general ignorance and responded to queries very promptly. In the end she got me a much better mortgage than my previous one and I am very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend her to others and have already done so.


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